IELTS Speaking

Speaking English is an important aspect for those candidates who plan to visit an English speaking nation. There is a pertinent question that arises here is that ‘how IELTS English speaking is different from normal English speaking course?’ Speaking is an integral form of oral communication. In IELTS speaking, our coaches understand that the objective is to be able to communicate with people who can understand your accent of English. It involves neutralizing your local accent and incorporating some universally acceptable / understood accent. Moreover, IELTS speaking involves three defined levels - Introduction &interview; Long turn; and Discussion. It makes IELTS speaking a very comprehensive evaluation of oral communication.

The Speaking test in IELTS consists of an oral interview between the examiner and test taker. All speaking tests are recorded by the examining body. The examiner introduces herself/himself and checks the test taker’s identity. The candidate is then asked some general questions on some familiar topics such as home, family, work, studies, and interests. The questions are taken from a pre-defined script, in order to ensure consistency. Our expert IELTS coaches understand the focus of examiner during IELTS speaking is on the ability of the candidate to communicate various thoughts and opinions. Hence our coaches train candidates on communicating information and opinions on everyday topics or situations or common experiences by way of answering a range of questions. After this basic level, our coaches train the candidates to enhance the ability to speak at length on a given topic. Moving further, the training focusses on developing the ability of the candidate to express and justify opinions and to analyze, discuss and speculate about the given topic.